Supervisor Net Card Payment


At MDS, we strive to provide your library with solutions that will improve your operational efficiency. Our Supervisor Net system not only will accomplish enhanced efficiency, but will save your library money and create a continous reduction in administrative cost. Our card payment solution is designed to deliver robustness, scalability, and flexibility all while being cost effective and a fraction of the cost of competitors.


The Supervisor Net solution has been designed to be a true one card payment system. You can manage, track, charge, and account for all printing and copying transactions that occur within your library. This sophisticated solution provides a very simple user interface while maintaining a comprehensive database that captures all transactional data for chargeable items. The simple user interface will manage both department and user accounts, budget codes, pricing, and terminal and system configuration.


Centralized control, site management, and system configuration allows for various devices to communicate with each other on your network. This creates the ability to have real-time transactions, device monitoring and usage statistics, and will allow for remote troubleshooting and support. This highly featured solution can be completely customized to suit your specific library requirements.


With the Supervisor Net card payment solution, you will be able to have one, centralized tool to manage every transaction made within your library. And with the various management features and reporting capabilities, accountability will never be an issue.


For more information about the Supervisor Net solution for your library, please contact an MDS representative today.

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