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The affordable, easy-to-use, intuitive, self-service scanning solution. Move into the Digital Revolution!


The BookScan Station series of scan solutions is the industry's first affordale, easy-to-use, touch screen scanning solution for every market. Discover why hundreds of higher education institutions have made the BookScan Station the industry standard with its' unmatched, award winning technology and powerful features not available from scan stations selling for more than twice its' price.


The scan station features a patented scanner design that will protect book spines by allowing books to lie flat on the glass, thus capturing the full image with no distortion. All images will automatically crop, straighten, and orient themselves no matter where the book lies on the glass.


One of the key benefits of the scan station is its cost saving ability. Why make a paper copy when you can have everything you need in a digital format? Save your scanned files to your USB drive, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, network folder, FTP site, fax, smartphone or tablet, or email it to yourself. This allows for easy sharing of documents and will reduce the amount of paper used on your campus. MDS can also integrate your scan station with various billing systems on your campus as well as your print management solution.


Including all of the features as the standard version, the Professional model will provide you with 200% more power and speed. The Professional version will convert a 200 dpi, B&W scanned file as a searchable PDF file in less than 4 seconds. It include an LED-based, energy-saving, Instant-On, edge-to-edge scanner that is perfect for high volume environments. If you have a need to scan double-sided pages in a single pass or tend to have stacks of pages to scan at once, the optional add-on sheet feeders will fit your needs. The AD240 model is a duplex sheet feeder that will scan up to 60 pages per minute / 120 images per minute in a single pass with its built in 2-sided scanner. The S2200 model is a duplex sheet feeder that will scan up to 120 pages per minute in a single pass with its built-in 2-sided LED scanner.


Experience why hundreds of institutions across the country have seen the benefits of the scan station family of scanning solutions. Reduce your paper, waste, and toner costs, reduce the size of your copier fleet, lower the wear-and-tear on your fleet, and create a cost savings for your institution.


This is the next generation in scanning solutions. Contact your MDS representative for more information.



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