Pharos Uniprint

Getting a handle on printing can be a major undertaking. Trying to do so in a public environment can be even more challenging. With Pharos Uniprint, managing your library's print services will become an afterthought. By implementing this effective print management solution, your library will benefit from cost savings, reduction in paper waste, less toner usage in your output devices, and delivery of higher quality services to your patrons.


The Uniprint solution is widely know to be extremely robust, scalable, accountable, and reliable. It can be configured to meet special requirements that your library might have, from unique network characteristics and various library management systems to a mixed fleet of output devices. Uniprint provides a centralized administrative system that makes it simple to manage your printing environment. From a patrons perspective, printing will become more convenient and secure, so they won't have to worry about others seeing or even taking confidential or personal documents. And, with the pay-for-print model your library will be able to recover costs and allocate that money for other purposes.


Uniprint can seamlessly integrate with your library management system, such as III, TLC, or SIRSIDynix. This will for patrons to utilize their library cards as a form of authentication and payment. Guests can even utilize your print services by use of guest cards that allow them access to your secured output devices without having to obtain library login credentials. Our MobilePrint feature will allow any user to print directly from their wireless laptop or mobile device.


With the Off-the-Glass solution you will have a copy management solution that fits your librarys' particular needs. You will have several user interface solutions to meet your unique requirements. With more than 250 supported MFP models from various manufacturers, the Pharos integrated Multi-Function Printer, or iMFP, seamlessly builds the Uniprint interface into the MFP. If you choose the more “vendor neutral” approach, the Pharos Omega PS200 terminal is an external device that hosts the Uniprint interface and easily connects to your devices.


Help your library become eco-friendly and join the green revolution. For more information about the Uniprint solution for your library, please contact an MDS representative today.


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