Pharos Sign-Up

With today's ever-changing technology landscape, more and more students are using their own laptops on campus, but public computers are still a vital part of the higher education environment. Libraries and computer labs continue to see high volumes of traffic, and managing these public access computers (PACs) is an important process for your institution. However, creating an equitable computing environment for your students while reducing the work load and stress of your staff can be difficult. The Pharos Sign-Up can help to reduce this hardship and provide a highly managable environment for both your staff and your students.


The Pharos Sign-Up solution is a computer reservation system that creates an automated environment for administrators to monitor usage, create and enforce rules and regulations, and choose between several reservation types, authentication methods, security features, and system reporting capabilities. Now that your staff will no longer have to spend unnecessary time with manual computer management processess, they can re-focus on their daily duties. And students will be provided with a fair system that allows everyone equal opportunity to utilize campus technologies.


The Pharos Sign-Up solution will your institution to:


  • Provide automated reservation types to its' users: scheduled, queued, and immediate.
  • Provide your staff with a remote management tool to monitor computer usage.
  • Utilize built-in reporting features for auditing and usage statistics.
  • Offer group, or block, reservations to on-campus organizations.
  • Create an automated, time managed environment.
  • Reduce staff workload.


Here's how it works... students locate a Sign-Up station and swipe their campus ID card or type their ID to begin the reservation process by authenticating themselves as an authorized user on your campus. The student then makes the reservation for a PAC. Once their reservation time begins, the students authenticate themselves at a PAC and can now access their reserved time. Prior to the reservation expiring, Sign-Up notifies the students that their time is about to expire, leaving them with time to save their work, and then logs them out of their session. That PAC is now put back into the queue and is available for another reservation, and all without any staff interaction requried.


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