Pharos Sentry SR25

If you are looking for a simple to use digital control device but do not want your users to have to scroll through a print queue, the Sentry SR25 is the answer. The Sentry SR25 has been designed to provide document security for your printers, copier, or multi-function devices and is a perfect fit for your organization's fleet of output equipment.


The Sentry SR25 truly simplifies the printing process while providing all the security and control of the Uniprint or Blueprint Enterprise solution. In a typical office environment, print jobs are usually sent directly to the printer (or multi-function device). This can be a big issue of document security and confidentiality. With the SR25, all jobs will be held in a virtual print queue. A user can continue to send jobs to the print queue until ready to release their jobs. Once they are ready, they can walk up to any printer or multi-function device controlled by an SR25 and swipe/tap their ID card. If their first choice is unavailable (busy, down, or being serviced) they don't have to return to their computer to resubmit their jobs, they can simply go to another printer. Once they are authenticated, the SR25 will trigger the output device to release all of the jobs that are in the print queue that have been sent by that particular user. This is the true essence of Secure Release Here. Nothing is released to the printer until the user that sent the jobs is standing in front of the device, creating a very high level of security.


Not only does it provide document security, but it also provides device security. Only authorized users can actually use your output devices. When an SR25 is connected to a device, it will lock down all of the features of that device, i.e. print, copy, scan, fax, email, etc., until an authorized user presents a valid ID card. It also creates cost savings by reducing paper and toner waste. Any job(s) that is not released after a given amount of time will be purged from the print queue, eliminating wasteful print jobs that are not really needed.


The Sentry SR25 is a very simplistic way to manage, track, and account for production on your output devices, and the level of security and confidentiality is unmatched.


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