Pharos Omega PS200

 The Omega PS200 terminal is an external control device that will connect to any printer, copier, or mulitfunction device that you are looking to control. This terminal is an all-in-one, touch screen hub that has the Pharos user interface built-in. This hub is designed to be mounted in close proximity to the output device, either via a wall mounting bracket or a table stand. Without the Omega PS200 controlling your output device, users would simply be able to send print jobs and have them print directly to the device. With the Omega PS200, you now have full security and control over that device.


Rather than jobs printing directly to the printer, they will be held in a virtual print queue at the server level. Users would be able to go to any managed device to release their jobs. They would do so either by swiping their ID card through the attached swipe card reader or by entering their user ID on the virtual keyboard that is displayed on the touch screen of the Omega. An added security feature can be deployed by requiring users to enter passwords at the terminal. Once authenticated, the user would be able to choose between either "Print" or "Copy". If they elect to copy, then the copier would be unlocked and available for use. If the choose to print, the user would then see the print queue with only their jobs being displayed. This is another security feature available with this user interface. Now the user can scroll through their jobs and choose which one(s) to be released. During the whole process the user would be able to view their account balance, and once a job is chosen they will also see the total cost of the job.


Cost recovery is one of the biggest stories of the Omega PS200. Since jobs are held in the print queue and not immediately released, students will print and copy only what they need. This will save them money but it will also reduce your costs by reducing paper waste, toner usage, and wear of the output device. Faculty and staff members will have the same experience. Although they will not be charged, the PS200 will show them the cost of the job. It will also display thier associated budget or department codes, grants, and/or contracts.


The Omega PS200, teamed with the Pharos Uniprint solution, is the industry-leading cost recovery solution for higher education. From its' many features to its' ability to customize its' graphics, the Omega PS200 is the solution for your campus.


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