Pharos Beacon

 With Pharos Beacon Print Analytics and Fleet Manager, your organization can easily discover ways to optimize and save by accessing comprehensive, job-level details about how people print across your environment. Most organizations don't know the real cost of their printing, or how they can optimize their print environment to save money and improve convenience. With Beacon, you will be able to gain full control of your print environment and create ways to reduce costs with the built-in Print Analytics and Fleet Manager.

Beacon Print Analytics --> without Beacon, it's difficult to gain a thorough understanding how print is created in your organization. Long spreadsheets full of data can be cumbersome and immobilizing. Beacon Print Analytics does all the heavy lifting for you. It displays all the latest document-level details in an intuitive interface, making the task of data exploration and discovery fast and easy by giving you quick access to key print metrics for employees, documents and devices, all on demand; allowing you to focus more on strategy and execution.

Beacon Fleet Manager --> Beacon makes it easy to reduce your printing costs and optimize your device environment to better serve your people. Fleet Manager provides a comprehensive, multi-vendor view of all devices across your organization. It reveals the volume, service, and operating cost information that you need to successfully manage your environment and maintain an efficient fleet. Easily access your page volume, meters, toner levels and device states, all on demand and with minimal effort. Since Beacon is a cloud-based solution, not only is it simple to access and to see the true cost of printing throughout your organization, but it can all be done without the need to purchase or maintain servers. Beacon's high-powered tools will allow you to quickly realize that print is low-hanging fruit in your overall effort to reduce expenses, and will provide you with the ability to turn this around.

Take control of your organization's print environment back and put it in the hands of people within your organization. Beacon will provide your organization with all of the tools needed to analyze the current environment, review detailed and comprehensive data, manage the fleet devices and associated costs, and then implement changes and policies to improve the print environment. 

For more information about Pharos Beacon for your organization, please contact your MDS representative today.