MobilePrint is Here!


Gone are the days of requiring students and other campus users to download a printer package and deal with the frustrations of print drivers. No longer do you have to tell your campus population that they cannot print from their iPad, iPhone, Tablet, or other Smart Devices. Now, with Pharos MobilePrint and Uniprint 9.0 R2, everyone on your campus will have the ability to print from any device on or off your campus to any printer.


The implementation of Pharos MobilePrint enables you to seamlessly integrate to your current Uniprint solution. This will allow users to print from their smart device to any of the selected MobilePrint printers on your campus. All of this is done without having to install any client-based software. Any jobs submitted via MobilePrint will appear at the print release device and look like any other job. Users can even be notified that the job was submitted successfully. And now with the new MyPrintCenter feature, users can access a dedicated MobilePrint web page to view their account, view jobs and make attribute changes, add funds, upload print jobs, and more! A simple, robust, and easily implemented solution that will allow you to continue to offer the highest level of printing to your community!


By eliminating the need to download print drivers, we have:


  • Simplified the mobile printing process.
  • Made mobile printing markedly flexible.
  • Maintained our high standards of security and control.
  • Made it simplistic to implement a billing model when desired.
  • Created a highly scalable server farm design for institutions of any size.
  • Created a high level of document fidelity by supporting applications that handle more than 95% of the world's printed documents.


For more information about MobilePrint for your campus, please contact your MDS representative today.


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