Library Solutions

Many public libraries experience similar issues: patrons printing and copying uncontrollably, spending hours on library-provided computers, and taking up valuable staff time. This can all be resolved with one solution, the Pharos Solution Suite. If your library has experienced any of these issues, then this is the answer for you.


 One of the biggest problems seen by many libraries is a lack of funding. With Pharos Uniprint and Off-the-Glass, you can help save your library money by reducing the amount of printing and copying within your environment. This solution will reduce paper waste, save on toner, drop the amount of recycling, and even create a revenue stream for your library to recover these costs. It will allow for you to manage your environment, control printing and copying functions, and provide document security for your patrons. Elect to implement the built-in charging model and now patrons can pay for printing and copying with a simple swipe of their library card.


Our computer reservation management system, Pharos Sign-Up, will allow you to provide equal computer access to all patrons while giving the library a centralized method of managing public workstations. With Sign-Up, patrons can quickly reserve a workstation and gain access to a computer for an allotted amount of time, all without any staff interaction. This not only provides computer use equality, but it will free up your staff to do their jobs properly without having to take time away from their busy days.


For more information about our solutions for your library, please contact an MDS representative today.


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