Integrated MFP's (iMFP's)

One option for a user interface that the Pharos Uniprint Solution Suite offers is what we call an integrated multifunction print, or an iMFP. This is the new wave of technology in which the Pharos software is embedded into the output device, as opposed to be held within an external interface device. This application utilizes the on-board touch screen of the iMFP and has the ability to control printing and copying while still allowing for the scan, fax, and email features to be used. The software is designed to provide authentication at the device level to allow users to access the functions of the MFP.


The iMFP software is compatible with more the 250 MFP's from manufacturers such as Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Xerox, HP, Sharp, and Lexmark. For a complete list of support MFP models, please contact an MDS representative.


There are two main methods of authentication when using the iMFP technology. One method would be via a swipe card reader, in which a user would swipe their campus ID card to be authenticated against the user database. The other method would be via a virtual keyboard that would be displayed on the on-board touch screen of the device. In this case, a user would be required to enter their user ID. If you require added security, the iMFP can be configured to prompt users for a password after their ID is authenticated.


One of the key features of the Uniprint solution that is built-in to the iMFP software is Secure Release Here. As opposed to printing jobs directly to the device, all jobs are held in a virtual print queue at the server level. They will remain there until the user chooses to release the job by authenticating themselves at the device, scrolling through their print jobs, and choosing the job(s) that they wish to actually print. The benefits of this model are: reduced waste since users will only print what they actually need, ability to have a sit anywhere, print anywhere environment where users can release their job(s) from any iMFP, security for your documents and your iMFP itself because only authorized users can access the iMFP.


With the iMFP software, printing on your campus can become simplified yet secured. For more information about the iMFP user interface for your campus, please contact an MDS representative today.


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